It was a good nice day today, lectures was on OSPF and EIGRP.

We’ve start with OSPF and take most of the part of the day. We’ve been deep on many sections and Narbik did a nice work on explain it, specially areas and lsa types.

OSPF filtering was a long chapter that turns me really on.

Before the Filter chapter, we take a break. Narbik offer me a Red bull (thx Again!!) and we seat, speak about CCIE stuff and I ask him about how he feel on students from different country .

We start doing labs until 6Pm (I start directly Filter-lab) then EIGRP Lectures until 8:30 PM.

I stay very late doing other ospf labs, and start on EIGRP Mocklab-like (didn’t finish yet!).

Narbik’s quotes of the day and yesterday: “I don’t make lectures, He teach” and “IOS never lies”

I am still awake, may be because I never dring coffer and today I take 2 cup ….  Anyway tomorrow, we will be the guest of Narbik, and finish the day in the restaurant! I just can wait…..for BGP!