Narbik’s Bootcamp: Day 5 + Warsaw + Back to Paris

The last day Narbik finish QoS (I miss this part, sleeping … :\) and then lecture on Multicast, with always a very clear way to explain. After lunch, we finish Mcast and Labs Strategy lecture start.

Narbik tell me that I have to focus on doing techno by techno, do switching and just do that, nothing else and then move on.

So will I change my previous roadmap ? YES ! I have booked the lab 22 september 2009, and will attend to the next bootcamp just before the date. Spain and Poland will be at the end of august has he said.

4 month will keep me really busy.

So how about Warsaw ? To rent a bike in Warsaw, is a very good deal ! I Negotiate 200zt for 7 days here , I   take the time to visit the old city. I book at Meksyk Hotel, it was really close to the Hector Training Center, really nice and clean place, may be next time we will have dual whiteboard.

I just can say that Warsaw is Green, everywhere. The last day of Daniel ( CCIE candidate from Romania, 2nd attempt next week  ), we’ve been to the old city and take a nice diner. I really like this guy, very funny and cool man.

Sunday, it was a raining day, ouch ! all day was like that. went to Arkadia to buy some *souvenirs* but it was a Holiday day … everything was clooooosed. Take a cab to the airport and bought some stuff on duty free shops and take the plane.

Back to Paris, the journey just start ! I have 7 printed workbook and 2 electronic to Finish, I’ll keep you inform !

Narbik’s quote of the day : “Dot not more, not less, anything you configure can be used against you”

Last word, follow Nickelby Thane CCIE Candidate, he just at Narbik’s Bootcamp !

Last picture, all Narbik’s Followerz !

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