Day 3 was all dedicated to BGP, I’ve been staying late Thursdays night to make some EIGRP and OSPF labs. The internet connection was disconnected around 3am. In the morning we’ve continue hands on labs and we cover a lot: optimization, peer-group, aggregation, route-filtering, BGP States and the list is long.
BGP Labs on the advance workbook cover all we have to know, like all topics, and after staying late, when I get back to the hotel, I’ve been so tired that I fall out directly on the bed.

Day 4
We’ve start the day on Rip side. He give us the new RIP Mocklab 2.0. I do know Rip but I learn some good double-0-7 trick has Narbik say.
On QoS, we spent from lunch to afternoon lectures and practice one lab. I can assure you that I have a better vision of QoS, specially Classification and Policing. He really take a lot of time to explain topics like classification, traffic shapping, policy, going really really really deep on each part. THIS GUY KNOWS what he’s talking about.
The first feeling is that after the end of the day, I wasn’t tired (May be because I slept more than 6 hours and the 3 cup of coffee that I take during the day and keep me on until now). Then when I get back to the hotel and start back Rip and some QoS labs, and I realize that I’ve learn so many much. WAW.
Last day tomorrow, finish QoS and, Multicast will be the main lecture.

Narbik’s Quote of the day “If you don’t listen, you deserve to fail”

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