Narbik’s Bootcamp : Day 1

Wake up ad 7, take a shower and take my bike to the bootcamp place that I checked Saturday evening.

I arrived 8h45 at the center but they says that the location have been change! The manager found quickly someone to take me, me and my bike to the correct place by car. I walked into the center and saw Narbik (know via the picture on CCIE Flyer post). 9h10, I missed nothing important, 11 Students was there. 7 Workbook with my name printed on it was waiting for me.

Narbik start to ask everybody to present themselves, lab dates and tell the weakness and where did they hear about this bootcap.

Well QoS and Multicast are always selected….

People came from UK, Romania, Germany, France ( me ! ) and Poland of courses. One have already pass the lab and will do it in July, 2 others have already attended in February bootcamp and will pass it in 3 weeks, some start the CCIE Track and some just came to improve network knowledge.

After the V4, I speedup to book for the end of september, I still don’t know I am going to make it, if it so, I will attend to the Dubai bootcamp at the end of August !

How about Narbik ? This guy is Really Funny, Even when the whiteboard is hard to clean. When he speak, it make you confident, you feel the CCIE lab will be a piece of cake, a long as you don’t screw it.. His English is pretty good and with no accent! He doesn’t speak fast and event at the back from the class, we can hear him very correctly.

So Narbik start to talk about CCIE general subjects then we jump to switching lab on the new color printed (and watermarked by our names!) Advanced CCIE Routing & Switching 2.0 until 1PM. These workbooks go in deep on everything, and new stuff is still coming, we’ve got also a new Etherchannel labs “beta”. The next Workbook and bootcamp in July will include MPLS/VPN. And I can tell you that new “Technology Focused MockLab” are coming soon and will be amazing !

Go to lunch in the canteen and back for L2 lectures.

As everyone says, Narbik wrote everything on the blackboard, and this guy got the “?” Question mark in his hand! Show you what exactly the option do and explain it clearly.

After finish some of the longest switching section, we’ve moved to Frame-relay until late 8PM.

I am just surprise how he can ALONE write down so many pages of Workbooks, mock labs, videos, Teach, respond to email and still have time to breath. Compare to other vendors

I just notice that the hotel was 5min from my hotel :)

Back to hotel and does some switching and FR labs, then bed …

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  1. Eman says:

    I was talking to Narbik this morning and he is happy with the class in Poland. I hope you are enjoying it! Please link to the CCIE Flyer from your blog and let me carry your story about the class in June!

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