Narbik’s 2.0 class booked!

I’ll be in Warsaw from 25 to 29 May.

So why I choose Narbik? Well Ethan Banks, CCIETalk, Matt Hill, Lucio Jankok, Carl Burkland, EDF , PetePacket, CCIE Form and so the list is long, they have been there and talk about it,¬† they all give me a good impression about the quality and the way of how Narbik teach, also the re-seat policy, and finaly the location… !

Narbik says that the new workbooks 2.0 are coming for the bootcamp in May, coming with the new V4 CCIE RS … I guess :) I got the Volume 1 yesterday, now it’s time to work!

Recent changes on the CCIE RS like OEQ, the v4 in a short time! The 360 Program fit of course the new changes, how about other vendors? Seem that IE are already taking care and make vseminare on mpls! Guess IPExpert guys are still busy to blog about it :)

update 1 : Ipexpert on the road of the v4

update 2 : My bad, ipexpert blogged about it on 06/05/09 !

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  1. Daniel says:

    Great . I’m also attending the WAW bootcamp. I haven’t received anything since Janet told me she will ship all the new 2.0 materials to the training site.
    You said you have received Vol1. May I ask you what exact book have you received (S2N, Adv. WB)? And in what format (hardcopy or pdf).

  2. lessaid says:

    Hi Daniel
    Glad you will be there !
    I’ve got the Vol1 of Warsaw Bootcamp 2.0 answer. and S2N in PDF Format, the Vol1 was with my name as watermark. Ask Janet for the S2N :)
    I guess the Adv. WB 2.0 will be provide at the end.
    Hey btw, where do you stay ? I try Meksyk hotel but they do not speak English. If someone has already attend to Warsaw bootcamp, please share hotels experiences !

  3. Daniel says:

    I’m also glad to be part of this one :) , along with you. I was afraid the WAW bootcamp would not happen. Pls send me in unicast your email (you already have my email address) and your phone number. I can brief you over mail/telephone about hotel stay, subway etc much easier and faster than posting comments against this post.

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