The Quest of the CCIE, the game has just begun

I arrived on the atfor center at 1:35pm, has my test was @2pm. Take the time to complete and sign the VUE paper, put my stuff on the safety box and switch off my cell phone. Coffee for free (delicious !) and nice people, I start the exam with 170min ( +20min because I am French).

I remember the first time I passed the exam, it was the beta in December 06, It was hard but definitely makable.

Bottle of water, Kinder bueno, Chocolaté Coffee and I run baby. I felt confident on most of the topics , QoS was not my favorite section, and stick once for like more that 15min for 1 QoS question ! The CCIE Written exam is different from the CCXA and CCXP, has you can go back, mark you question, So it was REALY good to move forward and let the complicated question at the end. I recheck twice my marked question and re-read again all question. I take me 2h10 to finish.

Cisco certification give the score at the end, and I can tell you that the time between you press the finish button and the result, seem to be hours ! I saw the “Felicitation” , close my eyes, smile and say in my head “the game has just begun”

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  1. onurka says:

    First of all congratulations. I am also studying for the R&S written currently, so i can imagine the effort you are paying. Which materials do you recommend for the written exam prep.?

    Good luck on your lab prep.

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